MUSIC VIDEO: Steel Pulse – “Don’t Shoot”

British roots reggae legends Steel Pulse have released a live video for “Don’t Shoot,” their clear and direct protest against police brutality. The song was first released on Soundcloud four years ago–titled then as “Don’t Shoot (Hands Up, I Can’t Breathe)”–and then again on the 2019 Grammy-nominated Steel Pulse album “Mass Manipulation,” which we highly recommend.

The song is a moving, desperate cry for justice set to a rocksteady beat.

Do I lay dead as a victim?
Another statistic to the system
All kinds of crazy shit runs through my my my mind
Will I live to raise my children? (

The video was recorded by Jam in the Van, a traveling live recording studio, in 2019, but not released until earlier this month. We learned about the track when the live single came to Spotify this week.

Steel Pulse have always been outspoken on political topics. Read their interview with Spotify entitled “How to Stay Angry with Steel Pulse.”