MUSIC VIDEO: The Selecter – “Walk The Walk”

“If you want to win the fight, make up your own rules.”

Earlier this year, two-tone ska legends The Selecter released their latest full length record, “Subculture.” Their 4th album in as many years is just as refreshing as their 1980s releases. If anything, they’re even sharper now. Pauline Black and Arthur ‘Gaps’ Hendrickson, the two founding members who lead the charge today, continue to sing, write, entertain, and teach as they always have. They’ve never shied away from political statements so characteristic of the songwriting of the two-tone era. “Subculture” is no exception. It’s no wonder that there’s a song called “Walk the Walk,” a deeper cut on the record.

The video for “Walk The Walk” finds the band suiting up and showing up. The message of the song is just that simple. If you’re going to talk a big game, you need to take action as well. And if you’re The Selecter, you might as well look dapper while you do it.

“Subculture” is available on CD and digital in all the regular haunts. Boston’s own Underground Hip Hop carries the LP. At this time, the band has no U.S. tour dates scheduled. “Walk the Walk” is the second video featuring a tune from “Subculture.”