Pressure Cooker Caught on Film at the Middle East

I had a moment where I was going to come up with a cute headline about about Pressure Cooker “heating it up” or use some similar cooking metaphor but I decided that would get tired real quick. More importantly, I was fortunate enough to catch Pressure Cooker’s show at the Middle East last December where they celebrated the release of their 7th album, Wherever You Go. They absolutely¬†killed it that night! Thankfully, some pros caught it on tape (note: it was probably not recorded on video tape). They’ve implied that this is the first video, so I’m hoping there are more to come!

Here’s Pressure Cooker performing “Brooklyn Bridge” off the album “Wherever You Go”:

You can stream two other songs on their soundcloud and download some samples from their website (and stream the whole thing on spotify). And if you diggit, buy it on CD, LP, or iTunes.