Throwback Thursday: Big D and the Kids Table Plays 1998 Rock N Roll Rumble

In 1998, a very young Big D and the Kids Table were semifinalists at the WBCN Rock N Roll Rumble held at the Middle East Upstairs. They were ultimately knocked out (going by Wikipedia, I wasn’t there), but the  whole set was caught on video. It features early tunes from Shot by Lammi and Good Luck. The video was posted by former Big D saxist, Chris Bush who left in 2005. Enjoy this classic look at the long-running Boston ska/punk band!

Set List
1. Before…
2. Shred Intro
3. In Front of Me
4. Draw the Line
5. Jeremy
6. Fatman
7. Quiet Room
8. Hey
9. 51 Gardner
10. 1982 (Tommy)
11. After…