Bosstones Whered You Go Cover Art

Throwback Thursday: Mighty Mighty Bosstones Perform ” Where’d You Go” at Middle East in 1995

This week’s video comes to us by way of Reddit. Watch the Mighty Mighty Bosstones perform their classic “Where’d You Go?” live at the Middle East Downstairs in December of 1995. My favorite part of this video is the host! Watch for him at the 0:23 mark. Dicky also looks pretty sharp in that hat. I can’t say the same thing for most folks who tried to rock a fedora in the 90s…

I journeyed way down the Wikipedia rabbit hole and did my share of googling, but nothing could tell me what this Hype TV was. If you’ve seen it before, do tell us about it in the comments. Local access TV? UHF? Campus TV? Beats me. But, the quality is pretty darn good.

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