Throwback Thursday: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones Perform in NYC, 1998

Mighty Mighty Bosstones 1998 Wake Up Call World Tour

1998 was probably a pretty good year for The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. This was the year their “Live at the Middle East” album was released and it followed on the heals of the successful “Let’s Face It” record. Momentum was certainly on their side. The video below appears to be from the television show Reverb which ran on HBO in the late nineties. This episode featured the Bosstones, Smashmouth, and Save Ferris, because the nineties. This was the same year that Meet the Deedles was in theaters and the soundtrack featured Wrong Thing Right Then, another great Bosstones B-Side. (Wikipedia also tells me they put out a single called Every Trick in the Book which I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve never heard! I can’t find much information on it. Leave a comment if you know where and how it was released.)

This gig looks like it would have been a part of the 1998 “Wake Up Call” World Tour, the set list matches’s estimation. The song of the same name appears on “The Impression That I Get” EP.

After you get through the 1 minute intro, the tunes kick in and is broken up by brief interviews with the band. The band is as tight as ever. “Someday I Suppose” is very peppy. Thanks to YouTuber LambruscoKid for uploading!

Video 1

1. 1-2-8
2. The Rascal King
Brief interview break
3. Royal Oil
4. Someday I Suppose (Starts in Clip 1 and runs into Clip 2)

Video 2

4. Someday I Suppose
Brief interview break
5. The Impression That I Get

Now to hunt down that Smashmouth and Save Ferris footage…