Throwback Thursday: The Slackers On a Boat

It seems like just yesterday we were on that rainy boat, rocking out on the annual Rock On Concerts boat cruise with The Slackers. The band was in top form and the rain didn’t bring anyone down. If you’re like me, you tend to chill towards the back where there’s more room to dance and it’s easier to get to the bar. Thanks to YouTuber GrubbyLineCook, you can get a taste of the view from the front.

The Slackers – “The Boss”

Track 2 from their self-titled released earlier this year.

The Slackers – “Henderson Swamp”

Enjoy this stripped down version of a track from their 2000 record “Wasted Days” featuring Vic on guitar and Dave on sax.

Maybe you missed the boat. Maybe boats just aren’t your thing. Maybe you’re already itching for more. You’re in luck! The band returns to town on December 16, this time performing at Thunder Road, not The Sinclair where they’ve played the past few Decembers. If you’ve not yet been to the new Somerville venue, it’s in Union Square is more intimate than The Sinclair, so you’ll want to grab your tickets early. Void Union, once again, will open for The Slackers. This show is 21+ and tickets are $20.

Stay glued to the calendar for show listings.