VIDEO: Void Union Perform on Dutch TV

Boston ska band Void Union recorded a live television performance while on their recent European tour. The beauty of a real television studio is that the production quality–particularly the audio–is a step above the usual YouTube clip recorded on someone’s iPhone.

This video contains four songs from the band’s repertoire. Riki Rocksteady, one of our favorite local vocalists, joined the band for the tour and the video below. He’s been appearing with them recently and it’s added so much to their live performances.

Track List

  1. Trick or Trump
  2. My Love
  3. Kassablanca
  4. Uno Dos Tres (Stranger Cole cover)

The band has had a very busy summer. While they don’t have anything scheduled at the moment, we’re confident that won’t be so for long. Watch our calendar for upcoming Void Union shows.